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Toga Pictorial

Published on
20 July 2022

As per request from the Office of Student Publication, those graduating students who were not able to attend their Toga Pictorial as scheduled are instructed to come tomorrow until Friday, July 21-22, 2022, from 9:00AM to 3:00PM.
Students who completed the Toga Pictorial as of July 20, 2022…
Certificate of Technology (COT)
85.71%, or 84 out of 98 students;
Bachelor of Technical-Vocational Teacher Education (BTVTEd)
99.57%, or 230 out of 231 students; and
Bachelor of Industrial Technology (BIT)
96.36%, or 424 out of 440 students.
(And 43 students from BIT-MT and BIT-WFT are expected to come tomorrow, as previously scheduled.)

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