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MPC Launches Center for Marikina Valley Studies (CMVS)

Published on
27 June 2023
Marikina City, June 26, 2023 – The Marikina Polytechnic College (MPC) marked a significant milestone with the official launch of the Center for Marikina Valley Studies (CMVS). The inauguration ceremony, held yesterday, was attended by distinguished personalities from the realm of local history.
Among the esteemed attendees, Professor Ryan V. Palad, the GSIS Museum Director and President of KABANSA, stood out with his strong support for the CMVS and his eagerness for future collaborations between institutions. His endorsement held significant weight, underscoring the pivotal role of the CMVS as a premier hub for scholarly research and the preservation of cultural heritage.

In a recorded message, Dr. Emmanuel F. Calairo, Chairman of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, extended his heartfelt


to the MPC for spearheading the establishment of the CMVS. Dr. Calairo recognized the significance of the center in preserving and promoting the rich history of the Marikina Valley.

The keynote message was delivered by Dr. Jaime B. Veneracion, a distinguished scholar in Philippine Studies and the current Chairperson of the CHED Technical Panel on History. Dr. Veneracion’s address emphasized the importance of studying and understanding local history, stating that the CMVS would play a vital role in advancing knowledge and appreciation for the heritage of Marikina Valley.
The launch program was further enriched by the highly anticipated book launch of “Ang Angkan at Ang Kaniyang Bansag: Isang Pagtugaygay sa Kasaysayan ng Marikina” authored by the esteemed Prof. Aurora Tirad-Olegario. This remarkable literary work delves deep into the historical narrative of Marikina’s renowned clans, offering a comprehensive and captivating account of its rich ancestral lineage. Dr. Apolonio B. Chua also delivered an inspiring message emphasizing the importance of Prof. Tirad-Olegario’s book in capturing the essence of the city’s historical legacy.
With the establishment of the CMVS and the enthusiastic support from renowned figures in the field of local history, Marikina Polytechnic College takes a giant leap forward in its commitment to preserving and disseminating the cultural and historical heritage of the Marikina Valley. The CMVS will serve as a hub of knowledge and exploration, offering programs such as a local history and heritage summer school, while acquiring a comprehensive library of archival materials, published works, theses, and dissertations. Additionally, the CMVS will publish the Marikina Valley Studies Journal to foster scholarly discourse. The center will also feature a gallery showcasing artifacts, visual arts, and creative works, providing visitors with a tangible connection to Marikina’s vibrant past. Through these initiatives, the CMVS aims to deepen understanding, appreciation, and engagement with the rich history and heritage of the Marikina Valley, benefiting scholars, researchers, students, and the local community at large.

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