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MPC Flexible Learning Foundation Coursework: Echo Training

The MPC Flexible Learning Foundation Coursework: Echo Training is the first phase of the Flexible Learning Program of the College based on the training program provided by CHED in partnership with Education USA and Texas International Education Consortium. With the support of Atty. Milla, OIC- President of MPC, the Flexible Learning Program was implemented at the College. The first phase of the program is the Flexible Learning Foundation Coursework: Echo Training. The Echo Training aims to engage the faculty in a self-paced coursework to learn the flexible learning foundations provided by TIEC trainers; and to discuss the insights, challenges, and practices of the faculty on their own flexible learning classes.
The participants joined the Google classroom and Facebook Social Learning provided by the undersigned to access all the learning materials provided by TIEC Trainers. There were five modules included in the training. Each module contains the video lecture of the TIEC trainers, prompt questions, assessment forms, and additional resources. The participants are also tasked to answer the ten-item quiz per module as an assessment and basis for completing the module. The Core Group team also conducts a collaborative Focus Group Discussion per week to have sharing among faculty-participants about the module topic and how they can relate it to their experiences. The participants are eager to share their best practices and challenges in conducting flexible learning. But they are willing to learn and cope up with the Flexible learning program to provide better instruction for their students. The undersigned shall use the data gathered during FGD and survey questionnaire to develop a training program for phase 2 and policy guidelines for flexible learning in MPC.

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