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ICYMI | Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) On-site Interview

Published on
15 September 2022

ICYMI | Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) On-site Interview
Written by: Kyla Colinne R. Miranda and Nicole Kathleen D. Caranto
For the continuation and application of DAP’s training for the office managers, DAP trainers, and the Quality Assurance (QA) Team of the Marikina Polytechnic College (MPC), visited each office for verification and observation of the QMS within their offices last August 31, 2022 to September 2, 2022.
The Quality Management System (QMS) was observed and assessed by DAP spearheaded by Mr. Charlie A. Marques, the DAP- Resource Person, Ms. Rose May De Leon, DAP- Project Manager, Ms. Meryl Lyn B. Vocalos, DAP-Project Staff and the Quality Assurance Team with the ISO Core Team headed by Prof. Josephine L. Obispo, the Director for Quality Assurance and Prof. Deo James Roxas, head of QA. The team had an interview verification and observation about the adequacy of implementation of the QMS. During the visit, Mr. Marques and Ms. De Leon provided specific suggestions and sight ways on how to improve the service of the office to its client.
On Day 1, the Team visited the following offices: (1) Registrar’s Office; (2) Offices of the Dean on the Graduate School; (3) Office of the Teacher Education; (4) the Records Management Office; (5) Admin Office; (6) Human Resource Office; (7) Building and Estate Office; and the Laboratory areas of MPC which includes the Industrial Technology and the Mechanical Technology buildings.
To wrap up their initial visit, the feedback was provided on September 2 at 4th Floor, Cherish Hall. The team’s findings were as follows: (1) The importance of feedback in the Registrar’s Office to learn about the current problems of the student clientele proved to be essential; (2) The necessity of finding new modalities for teaching in Graduate School for the exigencies of the moment is crucial; (3) There is an excellent trend in the performance of the faculty in the Department of Teacher Education, as well as the great, implementation of the Faculty Development Program; (4) Problems with Data Privacy Management in the Records Management and Human Resource Offices continue; (5) Evidence of the Admin Office’s application of Quality Policies for the benefit of the entire student body; (6) Minor repairs are required for the facilities of the Building and Estate Office; (7) The Laboratory areas must ensure that safety measures for machinery and equipment are carefully carried out for student development in the secondary school; (😎 The Research Development is given special recognition for its 96% readiness rating.
“If you know the needs of the students, you may address their prior expectations and satisfy them. Issues are meant to be disclosed for solutions to be done”, said Mr. Marques.
Moreover, Mr. Charlie A. Marques discussed the MPC’s preparation for QMS Implementation. These includes the following preparation: (1) Leadership and Governance; (2) Identifying issues; (3) Strategic Planning; (4) Objective evidences; (5) Risk Matrix; and (6) Development Training.
During the closing remarks of Dr. Rene Colocar, the President of Marikina Polytechnic College, he acknowledged all the participants of the ISO Accreditation team of MPC for a successful preparation for the improvement of campus. “On top of everything yung puso… Sustain your effort and love in this institution… Do not forget God… God will reward you by your passion, commitment, and love.” said Dr. Colocar.
Consequently, the plenary visit was a success. The evaluation and assessment of DAP proves the development of the facilities as well as the improvement of the offices for the upcoming ISO accreditation of MPC. DAP acknowledged all the offices for participating in Technical Guidance for the betterment of the campus. As a result, the crowd gave a round of applause to the DAP Resource Person and Staffs for leading the physical evaluation and assessment for the upcoming accreditation.
Photo taken by:
Jeffrey Adigue
Levi Jose Boqueo

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