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Happy Birthday, Dr. Rene M. Colocar

Published on
01 June 2023
Happy Birthday, Dr. Rene M. Colocar!
Today, as we celebrate your special day, we want to take a moment to honor your remarkable journey and acknowledge your unwavering courage in standing tall for Marikina Polytechnic College. You have been a beacon of strength, fearlessly advocating for the betterment of the institution.
Throughout your tenure, you have faced numerous challenges, but you have never backed down. Your unwavering determination and bravery have propelled Marikina Polytechnic College to new heights. You have fearlessly confronted obstacles, always putting the college’s interests above your own.
As we celebrate your birthday, we acknowledge your remarkable contributions to education and your relentless efforts to uplift the lives of students and MPC personnel. Your passion for learning, coupled with your compassionate approach, has touched the hearts of many and left an indelible mark on the institution.
May the year ahead be filled with continued strength, success, and fulfillment as you continue to stand brave for the institution you hold dear.
We love you, President Colocar!
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