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Guidance and Counseling Services

The Guidance and Counseling Services is the core of the Office of Student Affairs. It takes care of these  activities and services which are individualized attempts to aid the student in the maximum development of his / her potentials in accordance with his / her unique background and resources. These activities and services are designed to make the students’ stay in the College more gainful, meaningful and wholesome.


  1. To assist the students in achieving their maximum potential by developing self-awareness and realization;
  2. To make available channels in optimizing their achievement; and
  3. To assist the students in making satisfactory adjustment in the College and in academic, personal, emotional, social and spiritual areas of their lives


    This service is one of the gathering, recording and making available information about a student which will be useful to those teaching or counseling him. Hence, the collection of information about the students include records of student’s home and family background, health, school attendance, grades, extracurricular activities and results of standardized / psychological tests.   The Student’s Guidance Envelope also contains counseling interviews, reports of any incident involving the students and other relevant matters which may contribute to a better understanding of the individual.
    The counseling services provide assistance to students in making decision about their problems. Individual or group counseling sessions are made available for all students with academic, personal, interpersonal, career concerns and other problems affecting them
    These services consist of the provision of up-to-date, accurate and a wide range of materials of an informational nature in such areas as vocational, educational, personal, socio-cultural, spiritual and moral. These also provide adequate materials concerning the world of work. Group guidance activities and other activities dealing with orientation to a new school/work place, career symposium, articulation between school levels are included in this service
    The follow-up services are concerned with the problems of how well the students of the College get along when they leave school. This include their conduct and progress in the work place.
    This service is given to students who may be in need of such and whose evaluation may be an aide of a tool in the helping process, which include mental ability test, aptitude, personality, interest, work values and emotional quotient appraisal.
    Those cases which are considered beyond the scope of expertise of the office are referred to more experienced and competent professionals as part of the helping process
    The placement services are composed of those activities outside the general classroom instruction that aid the students in achieving their career goals. More specifically, it helps the students with their need relating to career fulfilment. It helps the students satisfy these needs by assisting them in finding fulltime and/or summer employment, selecting and obtaining admission to curricular offering of the Institute or select the course that would fit most to their abilities and interest and would meet their needs. The placement service also provides referrals to resources that would provide assistance for special problems in areas such as economic welfare i.e. scholarship or grants-in-aid; marital and family problems; and vocational rehabilitation; and on-the-job training and others. Moreover, one of its major concerns is the establishing and maintaining of linkages in the industrial sectors and other agencies.
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