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Disciplinary Actions and Sanctions

GRAVE OFFENSES1st Offense2nd Offense3rd Offense
1. Possessing, processing, selling and using any prohibited drugs.Expulsion/ Dismissal
2. Initiating or participating in any form of hazing, physical initiation or any activity, which inflicts harm or physical injury upon the person or fellow students or other university students inside or outside the campus.Dismissal
3. Carrying deadly and dangerous weapons and explosives inside the campus.Dismissal
4. Committing arson/ attempted arson.Dismissal
5. Engaging in any immoral, indecent acts and acts of lasciviousness inside the campus and in school related activities outside the campus.Dismissal
6. Acting as initiator or accomplice in any form of crime against persons and / or property, willful destruction of any school property or negligence arising from damaged to person or property.Dismissal
7. Committing grave misconductDismissal
8. Soliciting money, donation, and contributions in cash or in kind without the prior approval of the school.Dismissal
9. Stealing school property and those of the school personnel and studentsDismissal
10. Assaulting or challenging any school personnel or student which results to bodily harm.Dismissal
11. Conniving in any form with bad elements in deliberately attempting to sabotage, steal or place the school in danger or in great embarrassment.Dismissal
12.Committing acts inside and outside the campus that would malign the name of the school.Dismissal
13.Threatening, coercing or intimidating any student to attend any activity or to be absent from class, preventing other students or members of the staff from discharging their duties.Dismissal
14. Malversation of school organization funds.Dismissal
15. Forging teachers’ signature.Suspension for the rest of the semester
16. Forging, falsifying or tampering school records, documents or credentials or knowingly furnishing the school with false or fraudulent information in connection with an official document.Suspension for the rest of the semester
17. Cheating in examinations or taking examination by proxy.Suspension for the rest of the semester
18. Extorting or forcibly asking money from anybody.Suspension for the rest of the semester
1. Posting and circulating leaflets and other printed materials which lead to subversion, disorder and chaos to the College or to the government.15 days suspensionSuspension for the rest of the semesterDismissal
2. Joining, instigating or leading rallies, demonstrations and other forms of unapproved group action which create disorder15 days suspensionSuspension for the rest of the semesterDismissal
3. Organizing and joining any unauthorized fraternity, sorority or other student organizations which create disorder and disciplinary problems to the College.15 days suspensionDismissal
4. Bringing and drinking liquor inside the school premises.15 days suspension30 days suspensionSuspension for the rest of the semester
5. Committing misbehavior or misconduct which may endanger or threaten the health or safety of an individual in the campus or which may adversely affect the students’ welfare as member of the academic15 days suspensionDismissal
6. Lending and borrowing of school ID and uniform for entry inside the school campus.15 days suspensionSuspension for the rest of the semester
7. Entering the campus in a drunken state.7 days suspension15 days suspensionSuspension for the rest of the semester
8. Uttering defamatory, slanderous and libelous statements/remarks against any student, faculty member and school official and employee.7 days suspension15 days suspension30 days suspension
9. Disrespecting or molesting faculty members, school officials, employees, students and visitors by ridiculing, mocking or instigating a quarrel.7 days suspension15 days suspensionDismissal
10. Committing acts of vandalism such as writing, drawing on walls and pieces of furniture; breaking of glass windows, showcases, cabinets, electrical devices; improper use of tables and chairs, tools and machines in the shop or in any of the school properties.7 days suspension with replacement of vandalized materials30 days suspensionDismissal
11. Gossiping or rumor- mongering with the malicious intention of destroying the reputation of another person.7 days suspension15 days suspensionSuspension for the rest of the semester
12. Jumping over the fence as entry to/exit from the school campus.3 days suspension7 days suspension30 days suspension
13. Using school facilities and equipment without permission or authority.2 days suspension7 days suspension30 days suspension
14. Smoking within the school premises.Reprimand7 days suspension30 days suspension
15. Gambling in any form.Reprimand7 days suspension30 days suspension
16. Posting of manifesto, petition, poster of similar nature without the approval of OSA, otherwise posted on the freedom wall.Reprimand3 days suspension15 days suspension
17. Viewing, reading, and possessing objects, pictures or literature that are pornographic in nature.Reprimand7 days suspensionSuspension for the rest of the semester
18. Failing to wear prescribed uniform or appropriate attire and proper ID inside the campus.Reprimand7 days suspensionSuspension for the rest of the semester
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