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Program Description

Republic Act No. 9289 states that the Marikina Polytechnic College (MPC) shall serve as the center for development on shoe and leathercraft industry and shall provide technological, professional and occupational training on the utilization and development of appropriate technologies on community-based enterprises.

The B.S. Entrepreneurship program was designed in support of the institution’s mandate.

The curriculum consists of 167 units with 29 units dedicated to subjects that will develop a deeper understanding of the shoe and leather goods industry and equip the students with skills in shoe technology.

The Entrepreneurship Immersion Program (IEP) has been designed to provide aspiring student entrepreneurs in shoe and leather goods to undergo internship in established shoe and leather goods manufacturing enterprises or allied businesses. The Six Hundred (600) hours immersion during the students’ junior year will provide them practical and experiential learning on how to become an entrepreneur.

The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (BS Entrep) is anchored on CMO 18 s. 2017 which describes the nature of the field of study as one that “combines classroom training and experiential learning to help aspiring entrepreneurs acquire the skills, values and attitudes that will increase their chances of success.”

On January 8, 2020 the CHED – RQAT Team composed of Dr. Armando T. Laguimun, Dr. Antonio Errol B. Ybañez and Education Supervisor in-charge of the program, Dr. Jessie O. Abril visited the institution to evaluate and determine its compliance with the standards stated in CMO No. 18, s. of 2017.

The initial permit for the B.S. Entrepreneurship program was issued by CHED, NCR on February 17, 2020 effective Academic Year 2020-2021, with Government Permit (GP) No. C-011, series of 2020.

The MPC-BOT by virtue of Resolution No. 10, s. 2020 on August 24, 2020, approved the offering of the B.S. Entrepreneurship program (Shoe and Leather Craft), effective the 1st Semester of School year 2020-2021.

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