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Published on
18 February 2022

Good day.
For your information and guidance.
Note: This is for MA and Ed. D. students who are enrolled in their respective subjects.
1. Students are required to attend the Innovative Graduate School Class Sessions (IGSCS) which will be facilitated by the professors for each set/cluster. Attendance will be checked and monitored. The manner of which is left to the professor’s discretion.
2. Consultations with the professors will be based on the regular schedule.
Each professor and his/her class may choose to have a meeting (if needed) during the day and time as reflected in the students’ registration form and the professor’s schedule. The meeting link for consultations will be given by the professors or may be generated by their respective class monitors or beadles. Academic freedom is respected.
3. There will be a different set of lecturers every Saturday. For each set/cluster, professors with interrelated subjects will give a lecture on a topic/theme integrating similar concepts and principles. Students are expected to attend the Saturday sessions on the subjects/courses they are enrolled in.
4. For synchronous learning, Zoom will be used as a platform to accommodate all students. The link will be sent by the professors thru the class GC. It will also be posted on the GradSchool Mpc Facebook page before the IGSCS.
5. For the asynchronous part, the students will have the rest of the afternoon or the rest of the week to prepare their individual/collaborative tasks/activities/output. A write shop/workshop in the afternoon may also be given depending on the instructions which will be given by the professors.
6. Students are expected to produce only one output for each Saturday session which will be submitted to their respective professors. The deadline for the submission of the outputs will depend on the professors’ instructions. Students will be graded by their respective professors.
7. Students enrolled in major subjects (except major subjects in M. Ed.) or those who are in tutorial classes will have their own virtual meetings with their professors. MAT and MTE students will be given instructions by their respective professors. The meeting link may be generated by each professor or class and should be posted in each professor’s Google Classroom or sent thru the class GC. Major subjects in M.Ed. will use only one Zoom link.
8. All Saturday class sessions will start at 8 am. Synchronous classes may end at 3 pm or 6 pm.
9. Students do not have to attend other Saturday class sessions if they are not officially enrolled in the subjects/courses to be taught during the said sessions.
10. Students who have valid reasons for not being able to attend their Saturday class sessions should inform and make the necessary arrangements with their professors.
11. During academic sessions, all students should wear smart casual/decent attire.
12. Rules on academic honesty, prerequisite subjects, class sessions, and examinations should be strictly observed.
13. Students should conduct themselves in a mature, professional, ethical, and civil manner in all interactions with faculty and staff.
Thank you.

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