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76th Founding Anniversary

Published on
07 July 2023
Mark your calendars because Marikina Polytechnic College is turning 76 years old on July 18, 2023!
Join us as we celebrate this milestone with great pride and joy. This year, our theme is “Marikina Polytechnic College: Your Edge to Humanity – Celebrating 76 Years of Excellence.” This theme perfectly encapsulates the essence of Marikina Polytechnic College and what we stand for. It represents our unwavering commitment to providing education that goes beyond academic excellence. We firmly believe that true education is about fostering qualities of compassion and social responsibility among our students.
Throughout the years, Marikina Polytechnic College has been a pillar of excellence, shaping young minds and preparing them to become not only skilled professionals but also compassionate and socially aware individuals. We take pride in our students’ achievements and the positive impact they bring to society.
Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming celebration.
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