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MPC | LUDIP – Land Use Development and Infrastructure Plan 2021-2030

Published on
03 July 2023
The Marikina Polytechnic College’s Board of Trustees has made a groundbreaking decision that marks a significant milestone for the institution. During their 76th Regular BOT meeting held today at the CHED Central Office, they approved the implementation of the Land Use and Development and Infrastructure Plan (LUDIP) for the college.
The approval of the LUDIP is a major accomplishment for the Marikina Polytechnic College, as it aligns with the provisions of Republic Act 11396, also known as The Land Use Development and Infrastructure Plan Act (LUDIP Act). This act mandates all State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) to develop their campus lands by attracting multi-year investments and implementing comprehensive site plans aimed at optimizing resource utilization.
With the Board of Trustees’ approval, the Marikina Polytechnic College will now embark on a strategic journey towards the development and optimization of its campus. The LUDIP will serve as a blueprint, guiding the college’s efforts to enhance its infrastructure and make optimal use of its land resources.
Congratulations to the exceptional Drafting Team composed of Mr. Iluminado L. Malla Jr., Mr. Joshua E. Sapinoso, and Ms. Lerra Joyce Tejero for their outstanding work in preparing this video.
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