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ANNOUNCEMENT To the GS Students who have completed the academic requirements

Published on
22 March 2023

The application for Oral Comprehensive Examination is on March 27 to 30, 2023 ONLY.
The following are the documents you need to submit:
1. Certificate of Grades; and
2. Letter of Intent.
You need to request the said documents at the Registrar’s Office.
Once you have the documents, submit it at the GS office for evaluation. The GS staff will give you an application form for Oral Comprehensive Examination that you need to fill out.
Settle the fee at the Cashier’s Office. After doing so, return the accomplished form and the official receipt to the GS Staff at the office.
The schedule of the examination will be announced.
Thank you.
1. The second takers of the Comprehensive Examination may proceed to the GS Office for the application form.
2. The application for the Oral Comprehensive Examination is FACE to FACE.
GS Office 03222023

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