Office of the Shoe and Leathercraft

Mr. Francisco C. Carlos Jr.

Director, Shoe and Leathercraft


The shoemaking industry began in 1887 through the pioneering efforts of Don Lauriano “Kapitan Moy” Guevara.  He was assisted by Tiburcio Eustaquio, Ambrocio Sta. Ines, and Gervacio Carlos.  Kapitan Moy, a highborn and a community leader who had bought himself a pair of imported shoes during one of his trip to Manila.  He used this pair of shoes as an example for his workers to study and duplicate.  They dissected its various parts and by trial and error, they learned how to put them back together.

That afternoon, Kapitan Moy and his shoemakers had their onlookers. A group of young boys had been craning their necks to watch the whole episode through a grilled window.  Pablo de la Paz who was among the onlookers narrated the same episode to his children, claiming that shoemaking began in 1888 when he was fourteen of age.  Kapitan Moy saw to it that other Marikeños were taught the skills of shoemaking as he intended it as a source of livelihood in the town aside from the main activities of fishing and farming.  Because of this, he was given the title “father of the Shoe Industry.”

by: Nonet Angeles